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The sky's the limit with personalized labeled or etched wine bottles!

I was looking around for a place to get some engraving done on a bottle of wine, a bottle of Vintage Port specifically. I've a son graduating this year and I thought a bottle of Port from the year he was born would be a great idea! But I wanted to personalize the bottle, to commemorate his commencement day, so they day he actually opened the bottle he could reflect not only on the wonderful Vintage Port, but also as a way to recall the enjoyment of that day.
Personalizing a bottle of wine is a great gift idea in many ways, including impressing a client, a thoughtful and unique gesture for a wedding gift, or birthday! Just about any occasion you may think of really. I mean who doesn't appreciate a good bottle of wine or spirits? A gift like this from Etching Expressions is what I would call a meaningful gift.
Since I thought it was such a wonderful way to express my love of wine to others and at the same time personalize the gift as well, I contacted them directly an asked if I c…

Justin Isosceles Reserve 2005

My wife and I first visited Justin just last year, toured the facilities and became members of the Justin Wine Society. This was not something we did lightly, but being so impressed with the caliber of the the red wines and the fact that you are unable to purchase the Isosceles Reserve from Justin unless you are a Wine Society Member. So with that little bit of arm twisting we decided to sign on the dotted line.
Now we had not tasted the "Reserve" but had tasted the Non-Reserve bottling while at a wine-makers dinner hosted by the Wine Vault Bistro here in San Diego. We loved this Bordeaux type variety so much we reasoned the "reserve" had to be so much better! It was a good bet and paid off in spades!
The first time we drank this wine, we were celebrating my wife's birthday, so we dressed to the "nines" and took our Isosceles 2005 Reserve along for the ride to one of our favorite restaurants in town, Donovans Steak & Chop House Steakhouse San Diego…

"A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage."

As this most mis-assigned phrase in American political history is, so too maybe the goal of Mr. Two Buck Chuck, also known as Fred Franzia. The famed (depending on your perspective) maker of $2 Chuck and of course the favorite of many Trader Joe's customers! Mr. Franzias stated goal it is "to have an inexpensive wine that everybody in the U.S. can afford." a quote from Harvey Posert, a spokesman for Bronco.
According to Fred, who will be marketing his newest inexpensive wine to the likes of Ruby Tuesday, with his new $3.00 chuck! Oh boy I can't wait, and in turn you can buy this wine for $10.00 which is only a 235% mark-up! This in my opinion is not a good trend! Like the famous phrase above in the title, perhaps the unintended goal of Mr. Franzia and Bronco is to have a "cheap wine in every restaurant and a marginal wine in every glass!" who knows?
Now according to a Bronco Wines Mr. Harvey Posert, a spokesman for Bronco, "Bronco is also one of the lar…

2006 Linne Calodo Problem Child

Ever have a problem child? Many of have seen one, known one or raised one and in a word they're difficult! Entitled a P/C because of the difficulty of this blend. But not to many folks are seeing a problem in this child, in fact many folks including myself have greatly enjoyed the Linne Calodo 2006 Problem Child! Unfortunately this baby is sold out at the winery, but maybe it can be picked via online or brick n mortar retailers!
According to the Linne Calodo website their philophy toward winemaking is very simple here it is from the website "The Linne Calodo wines are driven by four factors: vineyard location, uncompromising viticultural practices, minimalist winemaking, and the desire to learn from experience. The vineyards are farmed sustainably and the crop loads reflect the natural balance of the vine. We believe in harvesting at the peak of ripeness to produce wines that are rich and concentrated."
Having been there and tasted the wines in the old tasting room/barrel…